Below is a list of several questions we typically come across here at 331 Junk. If you have further questions beyond this list or require special accommodations, please contact us through our website, email or call us at 954-338-4890.

We want to ensure that we price your project correctly. To do this we must see your project in person where we can correctly determine the amount of space your junk will take up in the truck, and how long it will take us to remove the junk.

Once we arrive we will look over your items and we will give you the exact price of the job. Your quote will be the exact price of the job and we never charge hidden fees at the end. If you are happy with the price then we will get right to work, but if you do not like the price we will be on our way (no questions asked).

No, we cannot give you an exact price over the phone. We determine your price by the amount of junk you have and how long it will take us to remove your junk so we must see the project in person. This allows us to give you a full-service quote with NO hidden fees at the end.

We take pretty much everything, with a few exceptions. We take all types of furniture from mattresses to coffee tables. We can handle any job, as long as the junk is not hazardous or toxic.

We handle any job, big or small!

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